Welcoming Will.i.am !!! I gotta feeling that this year is gonna be a good year!

Will.i.am and his new blue badge

Unless you're living under a rock you've heard by now that Will.i.am is our new Director of Creative Innovation. I've always said that it's not the technology alone, it's about what creative people do with that technology that makes it rock - and now we have the perfect ambassador and evangelist not only to drive that message home - but to help us understand where we all still need to go and help us get there.

For those who spend equal time traveling the left and right sides of our brains and love what these amazing high-tech paint brushes and musical instruments can help us create, we know the triumphs - and the trials of connecting technology to art. In an early installment of my Visually Speaking column in Animation World Network I talked about digital skills, what they are, and why artists need to care about them. More than ever it's important for creative types of all media to understand the digital side and use it to the best advantage possible.

And just as digital artists have faced the challenge and learned to embrace technology - technology must also face the challenge of embracing the arts - and creativity will always push the technology. Look up Shrek's law :).

Will.i.am embodies the creative soul who accepts the challenges of high-tech, by all accounts he is also a perfectionist. I'm looking forward to seeing how his role affects not just how the creative world looks at Intel, but how Intel responds to the creative world.

Welcome Will.i.am!!!

- Pitz

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