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Welcome to Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development. I have an interesting lineup of guests for this year, and if you have guests you would like to hear from, send me note.

My guest today is Greg Pierson, Founder and CEO of iovation Inc. iovation offers fraud management solutions or as Greg says "they are virtual crime fighters". They have a global shared database with half a billion devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones) and some key customers include SG Interactive (formerly Ntreev USA) and Gravity Interactive.

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Questions :

1. Tell us about your role and about Iovation
2. You mentioned Iovation creates fraud protection software, how does this help game developers?
3. Online gaming is popular, and so are the different ways of online gaming fraud, can you touch upon some of the main ones
4. You mentioned that your clients report and share fraud and abuse experiences (such as code hacking, credit fraud, & policy violations)... but other industries find value leveraging this information as well, not just gaming? Can you elaborate on this?
5. What are the Iovation products that can help developers combat the fraud and how do you do this?
6. What would you estimate the monetary loss due to this fraud? What about non-monetary loss?
7. Now shifting gears to the development and integration, how difficult is it for game developers to integrate your products?
8. Are there any technology limitations to using ReputationManager 360? Like environments it does not work on?

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