Intel AppUp® developer program: Accelerator


Take your app from an idea to reality

The Intel AppUp® Accelerator provides funding to help developers and companies pioneer innovative, new user experiences through applications and components for netbooks and tablets.

Speeding time to market

Accelerator is designed to help developers overcome barriers for creating components and apps for Intel AppUp by providing financial support averaging $12,000.

Key areas of focus for Accelerator include compelling new apps and app components for:

  • Netbooks (Windows & MeeGo)
  • Tablets (MeeGo)

To be considered for Accelerator funding, submit an abstract of your app idea.


Apply Now

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Intel AppUpSM
application fund

The Intel AppUpSM application fund is designed to encourage the development of innovative experiences across a continuum of devices—starting with netbooks, tablets, and eventually including smartphones, consumer electronics, and other emerging devices.

Components of this multi-million-dollar fund include Accelerator, Submit Early, and the Intel AppUpSM developer challenge.

Intel Capital AppUpSM MeeGoTM Fund

Discover how innovators of MeeGoTM applications, services, and components for Intel AppUpSM can also apply for significant venture capital investment from Intel.

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