Developer Tools for UPnP - Update

While my main job is MeshCentral, on the side I am still taking care of updating the Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies. One of the areas that gets the most updates is Device Builder, the tool that generates custom UPnP stacks. It just happens that Device Builder's C stack uses the same code base as my peer-to-peer mesh project. As a result, fixing one often updates the other.

A few days back, I released a new version of the Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies that now supports Mac OS X and Native Android. It's the same C stack as before, but it's been updated to work with both these new OS's in addition to a few more bug fixes. In the case of Mac OS X, Device Builder will generate a full stack, sample application and make file, just copy over and type make.

For Android, I have compiled the stack against the native Android kernel , I did not use the Android NDK. So, it's not really something you would use to ship a product (it's also in C, not Java). The only real use for this is if you have a "rooted" Android device, or are a Android platform developer and need to add UPnP to your device.

In any case, the latest version is at:

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