Parallel Programming Talk #100 - From "Is this thing on?" to “Taming the Wild order of Synchronizations” - 100 Shows - a Retrospective

PPT marks its 100th episode by taking some time to look back and discuss beginnings. It’s come a long way since then. A number of guests joined co-hosts Kathy Farrel and Dr. Clay Breshears: Aaron Tersteeg, original host of PPT and co-founder (with Michael Wrinn and Dr. Clay Breshears). Some special community member/contributor guests skyped and called in to say congratulations on the 100th show milestone: Michael McCool, Gaston Hillar and Tim Mattson. Finally, ISN-TV hosts Paul Steinberg (Teach Parallel) and Arti Gupta (Visualize This!). A great time was had by all.

At the beginning of the video you will see a very special presentation: "The Perils of Parallelism" written by Dr. Clay Breshears and starring Academic Community Manager Paul Steinberg. The 100th PPT show follows.

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