Did you say Virtual Colonoscopy? - Parallel Programming Talk #102 with Intel's Bevin Brett

Intel Engineer Bevin Brett discusses an actual application of Parallel Advisor and the part it is playing in reducing the time, cost and discomfort of an important medical test. A test many avoid – and as a result may miss early cancer detection. Plus, this technology could be applied to a number of industries such as automobile repair. Intrigued yet? View the video - we'd like to know what you think and can direct you if you have questions. Additional links are below.

Supercomputer 'Virtual Cleanse' Aims To Ease Colonoscopy Preparation

Supercomputing May Revolutionize Colonoscopies

More about Bevin Brett:

Bevin has a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Mathematics from Canterbury University in New Zealand and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Bevin Brett joined Intel in 2001 as part of the Compaq acquisition. He gained his expertise in compilers and debuggers through significant contributions to the successful software products at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Bevin’s expertise ranges across all aspects of compilers and many software development tools.

Bevin was a member of DEC’s original Ada team, helped design their C++ 6.0 compiler, and contributed to the Ladebug debugger, which HP still sells today. From this experience, he now has several patents to his credit in Ada and C++ compiler technology including ones on shared generics, minimal recompilation, and C++ derived class implementation.

After compilers Bevin managed the IDB Debugger project and then moved onto the threading tools, where he is currently an individual contributor on the Intel Parallel Advisor, specializing in the data collection for deciding whether a part of the program is suitable for parallelisation.

In his non-working hours, Bevin enjoys windsurfing and occasional SCUBA diving. He also devotes time as a paramedic with the Brookline Volunteer Ambulance Service, where he enjoys making an immediate positive impact on people's lives.  He has a wife, three girls, two alpaca, three cats, a dog, three birds, chickens, and many tropical fish.

Bevin R Brett is a Software Principal Engineer within the Software and Services Group of Intel Corporation.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Mathematics from Canterbury University in New Zealand and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide in Australia he has worked on Ada and C++ compilers, debuggers, and many other software development tools, most recently the Intel Parallel Advisor. He is also a part-time paramedic.

Bevin R Brett is an Intel Software Principal Engineer who has been working on parallel programming compilers, tools, and applications for more than 30 years.

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