vPro - Real World

I recently had the pleasure of interacting with Blair Muller, a new community member from Australia. I happened to find Blair when I was trolling through some non-Intel community forums that I was alerted to from my Google alerts.  I tracked him (some might say “stalked”) from a Microsoft forum to an Intel forum and finally over to the Manageability & Security community.  The end result was that Blair got exactly the information and help that he needed.  I called on Blair hoping to get some insight on his experience and after convincing him that I wasn’t a stalker, I discovered a new fan of vPro.  It seems that Blair was quite a fan of SCCM but just recently discovered its integration with vPro.  Once Blair understood the benefits that vPro added to the total solution – he was sold.  He’s likely to push vPro solutions whenever he has the opportunity.  Why?  Because it takes any manageability solution to the next level.

If you’re an ISV and you’re wondering whether to integrate vPro into your solution, you might want to consider this.  There are thousands of IT professionals around the world discovering vPro just like Blair did.  And you can bet that once they learn about vPro’s features they’ll be looking for solutions that integrate it.  Don’t you want to be part of the solution?

This isn’t a marketing spin – this is real world.  You can read Blair’s blog at /en-us/blogs/2011/02/14/how-vpro-improved-our-ict-performance-using-system-center-configuration-manager-2

Let’s hear your vPro discovery stories.

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