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Thanks to Intel's Bob Duffy I've been granted a spot here to share thoughts and experiences. I'd like to start off with a self-introduction. My name is Randall (Randy) Arnold, known on the internet as Texrat. I have about twenty years software development experience, mostly with Visual Basic but lately I'm targeting Python. The past several years my paying jobs have been more in information management, particularly factory operations and logistics. I regularly blog at on "Best practices, random analyses and sober speculation". Here I'll narrow it down to mostly MeeGo-specific stuff with some general software development along with relevant hardware topics. Just about everything will have a heavy community slant. Speaking of community... I got into MeeGo by way of Maemo, and into that by virtue of a former position with Nokia where I was the US factory quality engineer for their internet tablet program. I was a key member of the N800 launch team and it was that experience that got me fired up about Linux-fueled mobile devices. I'm personally disappointed that Nokia has scaled down their MeeGo involvement but remain hopeful that Intel will maintain their leadership. Many of us have a lot at stake in the success of an open ecosystem. Anyway I'm glad to get this opportunity and I hope you all enjoy what's coming!

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