AppUp Round Up - Alchemy & Comics Win $60K Top Prizes

Contest Winners

The top prices for our Developer Challenge has concluded and last week at Mobile World Congress we announced the overall winners, with Alchemy Classic winning the AppUp Peoples Choice Award and Comics Creator Winning most innovative application.  Both developers win $60,000.  For more information on these challenges winners read our announcement 

Alchemy - People Choice
Winner of $60,000 USD for People's Choice Award: "Alchemy Classic" by Artyom Sherstobitov, Ilya Grachev, and Nickolay Cholakov

Alchemy is a very simple puzzle game.  It's a brainy activity.  You mix 2 basic elements to create a new element, and you do this to see how many elements you can uncover.  Functionally the game could not be simpler.  However it is a serious mental challenge.  There is a Angry Birds like additiction here.  The game play is simple and not difficult but you can't help but try, and try, and try again to create new elements.  You think there would be some level of intuition but you really do have to think thru the combinations to continue creating new elements.  

The game is free so it gets a lot of downloads but it also has a very high rating.  The game is not new. It has a tradition going back to DOS giving it somewhat of a cult following.  

Developer take-aways

  • Simple gameplay with repeatable actions are enjoyable
  • Like Angry Birds, games that allow you to easily modify your tactics & strategy can make a game addicting and provide repeat value
  • Versions of old games can provide you an existing audience an fan base


Comics Creators - Most Innovative App
Winner of $60,000 USD for Most Innovative Application Category: "Comics Creator" by P R Rajenderan 

Comics Creators wins the most innovative application. As a judge I have to say this was a very competative category there were many highly innovative apps like Algodoo, Cogs Go, Glow Painter.  In the end Comics Creator stood above.   First the apps is highly innovative. It is allows you to take a series of defined comic art and characters to quickly and easily create your own comic strips.  It allows for all the creativity you can imagine in creating a comic without that usual requirement and time tasking skill of drawing the art. There are numerous comic categories each with dozens of characters all with multiple expressions.  You also have a lot of comic art, backgrounds, a full series of comic clip art objects, and a variety of speech and thought bubbles and clouds to use.

Comic Creator really brings comic creation to anybody, imagination is the only requirement.  Also, Comics Creator has one of the most innovative, coolest & scalable interfaces I've seen in an app.  You have a Comic Panel and a series of tools.  The tools and panels are all sizeable and moveable, so depending on your workspace, screensize or preference you can configure the app workspace virtually any way you like.

Additionally this app add social integration.  The developers were very smart in thinking that comic creation is a social media. Once you create your comic what the first thing you want to do.... share with friends, family etc.  So Twitter and Facebook integration is built in.

The app looks highly scalable, with the ability to add in new modules for different kind of comic creation.  A comic books features seems to be coming and I can image a animated feature as well.  Also the library of art seems to be growing.  And if you want to draw your own comics, no problem you can always drop in your art into a panel.

In the end, what set Comics Creator apart from the others is the broad appeal.  Students, teachers, bloggers or anyone who has something to publish & communicate can use this app for fun or for business.

Developer take-aways

  • Nothing better than an awesome idea and excellent execution.  Hard to define but Comics Creator has come up with a fairly unique and innovative app that has broad appeal
  • Lowering the bar for creativity - As much as I like to draw, it can slow or impede the creative process, and this app makes creating easy. So look to find ways to make tedious, time consuming tasks easier while still allowing for a creative or intellectual process
  • Flexable interface - Allow for the user to configure the worksspace while not making it complicated.  Add flexability, while still making it intuitive
  • Social integration - Any content creation app like this is better with social integration


In the end we have excellent winners here.  Both apps provide a simple app experience, many many hours of repeat value, while also stimulating your intellect and creativity.  Congratulations to the winners.

To enter your app into one of our contests or to learn more about our incentives and opportunities please visit our Opportunities section, and good luck!

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