MAXIS-mizing Darkspore™ Game Performance with Intel® GPA 4.0!

Attending GDC is always a crazy fun experience and more so when I get to present. This year I'll be co-presenting with David Lee Swenson from Maxis. He's the Lead Graphics Engineer on the upcoming game Darkspore™. David will be showing a sneak peek of Darkspore™ running on the new 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor at the session and I'll be showing off new features of Intel® GPA 4.0.

A few months ago I thought doing a sneak peek of Darkspore™ and aligning with the release of Intel® GPA 4.0 would make it tough to get everything ready in time for GDC. Lucky for me, David and the folks at Maxis have done a great job on Darkspore™ and the GPA team at Intel® has built a top notch product. If you're new to Intel® GPA or have used it in the past, you'll leave the session ready to take advantage of the new features in Intel® GPA 4.0.

The session is scheduled for Wednesday, March 2 at 1:30p in Room 309, South Hall. If you can't make the session, we'll have a brief overview of the material at the Intel® Booth Theatre in the Expo floor on Wednesday, March 2 at 10:30a--a few hours before the session. We'll also have a two kiosks showing Intel® GPA 4.0 in the Intel® Booth.

Any pass should get you into the session because it's sponsored by Intel®. See you in the session, the Intel® Booth, the parties, or around the conference.
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