Intel Manageability Checker 2.0

The Intel Manageability checker is the best partner one can find when it’s time to verify the usage cases. This tool lets capturing and analyzing Intel® AMT traffic between two systems to validate any of the 14 predefined Intel® Active Management Technology Use Cases and creating a report with a simple couple of clicks. There is a new version of it and here there is a preview of its new features.

After starting the Intel Manageability Checker (on step 2) a new button (Figure 1) which lets you export the Pcap generated file it’s noticeable, this is very useful when you have the checker installed in a server and you want to capture the network traffic and analyze it later, -in an offline fashion- (maybe in another computer). The import button seen in the previous version is also present

Figure 1. The new import functionality.

In the Step 3 (Figure 2) one can select the usage cases which will be checked later against the capture result (for some of you who haven’t tried out the “14. Other” feature it can be helpful when working in a functionality that falls outside of one of the predefined usage cases, maybe here it’s where innovation comes!).

Figure 2. Usage case options.

On step 4 there is a new “Submit report” button, which will take you directly to the Intel’s Partner Portal in order to send the report to Intel and associate it with an existing or new project (Figure 3). A project can be associate it with only one report.


The Intel Manageability Checker is a good tool to for vendors (and clients) to perform a quickly and accurate checking of the coverage of the usage cases of any Intel AMT compliant software.  For further reading of previous version here there is a review.

Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis
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