Yocto memes rule

This is a cross-post from my blog on the Yocto Project website.

One of the fun things about having a metric system term as a project name is that you can use it in so many useful ways.

Just for review class, according to Wikipedia, a yocto-anything is 10-24 of that thing. So a yoctosecond is one quadrillionth of a second, a very brief time indeed. The rest mass of a proton is about 1.67 yoctograms.

But a yoctosecond is not so brief a time that you can't have fun with it:

"The time between major Yocto Project releases is 1.5778463 x 10^31 yoctoseconds"

As an engineer, I can appreciate the precision around that statement, but as a manager I find it a little hard to accept. Fortunately, this was from our release engineer, so I consider it to be a contract.

"A yoctoEarth would weigh 13.1 pounds"

OK, I can grasp this. In fact, I could almost carry it. If it was a laptop, I would complain about it. Maybe there is an eating contest: "Eat a yoctoEarth in an hour to win."

"A yoctoampere is one electron every two days."

Although I might imagine a poor little electron sneaking past my yoctometer every couple of days, I suspect that this one won't be measureable for quite some time.

For my taste, this kind of humor is much more intellectual than "What do you call an 80-year-old embedded programmer?" (a "yoctogenarian"). But I'm sure we have only just begun.

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