My 1000th Video for the Intel Developer Zone!

I am generally not one to toot my own horn, but I thought that as a personal milestone 1000 videos produced for Intel since I was hired in January of 2008 was a good place to stop and recognize not so much myself, but all of those whom I have worked with to produce such a large number of videos. In the just over three years since I was brought on to shoot videos for the Take Five site I have seen numerous changes to the video program, most notably the addition of our live streaming internet shows on Intel Software TV. The most recent change to the way that I work is that now instead of trying to find conference rooms, or quiet areas at the Intel campus I work at (not at all an easy task and one that often took lots of my time to set up the lights, camera, and peripherals) I am now able to work in the controlled and sleek environment of the Intel Software Studio, which I designed with the help of Josh Bancroft, and Chris Davis. Productivity is through the roof already!

Time and technology moves forward at an astounding pace, and I am certain that I will be moving along with it for as long as the Intel Software Network wants to have a camera nearby! A profound thanks to all of my co-workers (far too many to name) who have helped push the video programs along, and have supported myself and my team as we move towards a bright and exciting future.

You can watch the videos I and others produce at: & check out our live streaming shows at

A sincere thanks to all of you!






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