Intel® AMT SCS 7.0

**Disclaimer:  This blog is very old and may not be relevant anymore.  It lives for historical purposes.  For up-to-date information about Intel vPro Technology, visit the Business Client Home Page.  (June 2013)

The Intel® SCS 7.0 is available on the Manageablity and Security Community.  Here is what it comes with:

  • Discovery Utility
  • AMT Configuration Utility
  • Intel® SCS (Source Kit)

Standalone Discovery Utility:

This is a standalone utility for developers interested in discovering AMT capable clients in their environment. System Discovery is a new feature included in version 7.0 of the Intel® Setup and Configuration Service. This standalone System Discovery utility does exactly the same as the "SystemDiscovery" command included in the Configurator component of Intel® SCS.

System Discovery allows you to obtain data about Intel® Active Management Technology from systems in your network and works on Intel® AMT systems dating back to AMT 2.1.

Note that the AMT information can be written either to the Registry keys or to a file. You can read more about the Discovery Utility here, in the  Intel®_SCS_7.0_Discovery pdf file.

Also new, is the AMT Configuration Utility (Do you remember the "Activator Utility?" )

This is only a standalone utility for developers interested in configuring AMT capable clients in their environment with the USB key configuration method. For AMT versions 6.x and above, you may only configure with user consent. For IT admin control mode, please refer to the Intel® SCS source kit, also included on the download page.

Intel® AMT Configuration Utility (ACU) - previously known as the Activator, this CLI-based utility allows configuring systems in either Client Control Mode or Admin Control Mode. You can read more about the Configuration Utility here in the Intel®_SCS_7.0_User_Guide pdf file.

Wrapping it all together, the Intel SCS 7 (source kit) contains:

  • Intel® AMT Configuration Utility (ACU) (see above)
  • Remote Configuration Service (RCS) - This is the service component for configuring systems versions AMT 2.1 - 7.0 in Admin Control Mode (using the Unified Provisioning Method.)
  • GUI Wizard - Defines profiles and provides a graphical interface for configuring a local system.
  • System Discovery Utility - (see above)
  • Migration Utility - Supports profile and credential migrations from SCS 5.x to 7.0. 

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