Intel® AMT Developers, SOAP, and Migration Utilities

Way back in November of  '10, I wrote a blog about urging Intel AMT Devleopers to stop using SOAP. The reason being that the APIs availabe in the Intel AMT Software Development kit were moving in the direction of WS-MAN and that SOAP was now phased out with Intel AMT 7.0. If you are one of those developers who has been involved in writing aplications for AMT and was also doing so via the SOAP method, you might want to sit back and take inventory of where your SOAP calls are. In my blog post, mentioned above, I tried to give some guidance on how to move forward and embrace the new and improved world of WSMAN but I did not talk about was SOAP and the Intel® SCS. Well, that's just provisioning, right?  And that's only done once, right? Well....  it goes deeper than the initial provisioning.

If you used the Intel SCS 5.0 to provision your systems, then you will have an SQL database associated with your Intel AMT implementation.  This is where the credentials to your AMT systems are stored, among other important information. How are those systems then managed after provisioning took place? Your manageablity application must query that SQL database in order to get the credentials so that AMT can be accessed and the system can then be managed, correct?  Um... would you be using SOAP calls to query the data base? Yes you would. 

If you had moved over to SCS 6.0 you probably figured all of this out and that you would need to add support for the WSMAN APIS required to access the SCS 6.0 Database (or you just didn't move forward.) Now that the SCS 7.0 is available you may look for the SQL portion of the implementation and wonder... where is it?  It's gone. SCS 7.0 keeps information in XML files and it is up to the developer to bring in his/her own database for storing credentials. And now you are probalby scratching your head wondering what do you do with all your system's credentials that are stored in your SCS 5.0 database once you move to SCS 7.0?

It is simple. You download the SCS 7.0 (Source Kit) and inside you will find a gift. Yes. There is a Migration Utility in there that will help you move all your system credtials to the SCS 7.0 XML formats. From there you can transfer the information into the DB that you choose. You might want to take a look at this guide: Intel®_SCS_5.x_Migration

Or alternatively, you might be interested in finding out more information about the new "Digest Master Password."  The Intel AMT Digest Master Password (DMP) is a single password that is synchronized by the IT administrator among the various management software applications. The protocol defines a method for deriving the Intel AMT administrator password from the DMP that creates a unique password per device. Using this method, the software application does not need to maintain the password database. It simplifies using multiple applications from multiple vendors to manage the Intel AMT device.  You can read more about this in the Intel AMT® 70 Documentation. (Search for Digest Master Password.)
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