The Storms of March

Cross-posting from my blog on the Yocto Project web site. Check out our site there for more embedded Linux goodness.

Here on the first day of spring, the northen hemisphere is beginning to shake off the doldrums of winter and think about the summer to come. Here in western Oregon where I live, the trees are starting to bloom, and I begin to notice how my garden is full of muddy ruts.

We're catching more than our fair share of wet weather this month in the Portland area. Winds are buffeting our house as I write this and we're shooting for a record number of days of measurable rainfall this month. I probably appreciate the summer more because of all the spring storms we must endure to get there.

There are seasons in software projects as well. Those of you paying attention to the Yocto Project mailing lists and IRC channels will know that we're getting ourselves ready for our April release. We transitioned weeks ago from chasing down the last development tasks to monitoring release candidates and release criteria. There are always a few storms that you have to work through. Maybe its the critical bug with the easy fix that was missed until the last minute. Perhaps it's the odd behavior that should be documented better and reworked in the next dev cycle. In spite of the decades of software experience the team brings to the project, we're still a relatively young project with improvements to make and things to learn.

Besides the project release work, there is other storming going on. We're putting the finishing touches on a refresh of our project web site. And we're preparing for a couple of big events in April: the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit and the Embedded Linux Conference. ELC will be chock full of useful information for developers, like how to build BSPs with Yocto, on using the app developer tools and how to use the core build system, and perhaps a peek at some things we are prototyping for making Yocto even easier to use. The Collab Summit will be an amazing time to get members of this nascent community together face-to-face. I'm hoping we achieve that overused term "synergy", where two plus two equals five.

But it takes a ton of working and storming to get ready for these events. Presentations to create and practice, demos to debug, phone calls to make and travel plans to agree on.

So get your umbrella out, put on that rain jacket and get the garden ready. Soon enough, the storms will be over, we can get the barbeque grill out and have a party.

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