Visualize this! a talk with Uber @GDC 2011

Welcome to Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development. This is one of the interviews I recorded at GDC San Francisco this year.

My guest is Jon Mavor CTO Uber Entertainment.

Download Link - High Quality MP4 Video File (Large)

Questions :
1. Tell us about your role @ Uber
2. You recently tested Monday Night Combat on Intel’s new Sandy bridge hardware. What did you think of the results?
3. Now that you had a chance to play with Sandy Bridge architecture,where do you see HD graphics going? What excites you about the product lineup we have coming up?
4. You have probably done optimization for multi and many core. This is still an area of learning for a lot of game developers, any suggestions on BKMs to other game developers?
5. What was the most exciting part of working on Monday Night Combat?

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