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It's 2pm and doors open in an hour for our Bay Area Parallel Programming Community Meetup here in Santa Clara. The weather today is interesting and I am axious to see who braves the very rainy weather to join us. We are here to learn what the 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor Family means to the Parallel Programmer. We have two very knowledgeable Intel folkswith us today: Rich Hubbard, a Senior SW Engineer and a member of the SSG Apple Enabling Team, working on optimizing Mac OS apps for power and performance. Noah Clemons  is a Technical Consulting Engineer - working on Parallel Programming Products. Their presentation starts at 4 this afternoone. 

I'll be back to write more soon, got to visit with our guests.

I had hoped to get back on this blog sometime during the end of the meetup but did not get the chance. From the time the doors opened at 3 until we packed things up later in the evening we were all so busy with our guests - who seemed to just materialize as a bunch right at 3. So the answer to who braved the rain - 80%  of those registered came to spend some time with us that afternoon - very cool! 

We had a number of cool demos: Sandy Bridge (Jeff Kataoka), Parallel Studios (Dale Schouten and Kittur Ganesh), Intel Concurrency Checker (Diana Byrne) and Partner Finder (Amanda Marvel).

Guests listened to one of two presentations by Noah Clemons and Richard Hubbard on Second Generation Intel® Core™ processor (code named Sandy Bridge), Intel ® AVX, Parallel Programming Community and Intel® Software Development Tools. We captured the entire  presentation on video and will post it as soon as it becomes available. Noah and Rich did a spectacular job with the presentations and fielded all questions well.

Here I am speaking with  meetup guest Minesh Amin of MBA Sciences. Clay Breshears and I interviewed Minesh at SC10 in New Orleans in November and it was a pleasure to see him again at our meetup. And I understand that he will be contributing content in the form of technical papers to ISN in the very near future.

The meetup team had a great time conversing with the guests - many business cards were exchanged and many professional connections made. A number of guests showed deep interest in becoming ISN authors and our community will start to see some of the results of that very soon. More voices in our continual conversation on the community - just what we're after.

We were happy to have Russian Black Belt Dmitry V'yukov in our midst - he travelled the farthest distance!

Many thanks to Gladys Viray for managing the logistics for the room and refreshments.

We had a bunch of door prizes including two netbooks!

Stay tuned for the videos - I can't wait until the next meetup!

If you were there - please feel free to comment on my blog.



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