- Web KVM now works in IE9

A few weeks ago Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9. This was significant for us because up until now, no Internet Explorer had HTML5 support and so, could not used the web-based remote desktop (KVM) feature on MeshCentral. Today, I released an updated version of the server web site with IE9 support. I did have to tweak a bunch of little things but all-in-all the HTML5 canvas works as expected and you can control a remote computer with only a browser (no add-in, just Javascript).

The one thing I have not found a solution to yet is that, when IE9 makes an AJAX call to get more data, I can't send the data in binary form. I have to use Base64 encoding which expands the data and puts more workload on the browser and my server... Actually, I care more about my server and the bandwidth this data expansion will cost, user performance is likely also affected a little.

Still, getting the KVM working in IE for the first time is quite nice! Screen shot below. For people who don't know, this KVM feature comes included with the Mesh agent. Just install and go. As of now, this KVM feature is Microsoft Windows only. Linux and Mac OS just get the command prompt using the terminal feature.


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