Parallel Programming Talk Show #105 - Intel Product Marketing Engineer Don Gunning - Current Challenges of Cluster Computing

 Time for another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – show #105. Guest: Don Gunning, Parallel Programming Tool Guru for Intel to discuss current challenges of cluster computing, Intel software/tool solutions to those challenges, and what’s in store for future versions of the tools.

Show Notes



  • Threading Challenge 2011 is starting up Monday, April 18, 2011. There will be two phases, one now and one in the fall.   As with last year there will be two skill levels to choose from: Apprentice and Master.

    Starting  Monday, 4/18 at noon – the first two problems will be released. Contestants will have three weeks to determine and submit the solution. Immediately following two more problems will be put on the Web site, with the same three-week time limit for finding solutions. The final problem pair will be published three weeks later. 

    Here are the rest of the contest details:  /en-us/contests/intel-threading-challenge-2011/contests.php

    This year the prizes are spectacular with the grand prize being a Trip to Intel Developer Forum 2011 in San Francisco for both the Apprentice and the Master winners. 

  • Programmers with little or no exposure to parallelism have an opportunity to learn about multicore programming at the UPCRC Illinois Summer School to be held July 25-29, 2011 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our own Dr. Clay Breshears is teaching again this year.

    For more information about the summer school, visit the website at Registration is now open and will remain open until June 24, or until capacity is reached, whichever arrives first.

About our Guest

Don Gunning is a well-rounded information systems professional withmore than35 years of experience.  He has been successful in high performance computing for over 15 years with 11 of those HPC years at Intel.  During his Intel success, he helped develop the early market for our threading tools, contributed to our early HPC strategy development and execution,  and contributed to the Intel Cluster Ready program  Currently, the challenges of helping our customers parallel enable their applications for distributed memory keeps  Don excited about the future.


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