You need Intel graphics drivers with Intel GPA

If you have downloaded Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers and want to use it with Intel graphics chipsets you will also need to download the latest versions of the Intel graphics drivers -- using the latest version ensures that you can make full use of all metrics available for your graphics system.

Download these drivers by using Microsoft Internet Explorer* to browse to the graphics driver update page. This page runs a script that examines your system configuration, then updates the Intel® Integrated Graphics drivers to the latest version. If this automatic graphics driver update process does not work, you can manually search for the drivers by browsing to the Intel Download Center, and then searching for your specific graphics chipset.

For non-Intel graphics, check with the vendor of the graphics card for the latest drivers.
In addition to getting the latest graphics drivers, you might want to verify that you have the latest BIOS installed -- the vendor's site it usually the best place to find the latest BIOS release.

For more information regarding installation, configuration, and usage of the Intel GPA product, visit the Intel GPA home page and the GPA Knowledge Base articles. There are also some very detailed help videos on using Intel GPA.

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