- Works on Apple iPad (Video)

In the last few days, I have been testing the web site for use with the Apple iPad and finally got everything working. The site looks good on the tablet in general, but a few features needed special attention. First,  the remote command line terminal needed a way to control the keyboard. You want to see the entire terminal screen, but when needed, you want to be able to pop-up the on-screen keyboard and use it. I did this by adding a text input box on the upper right of the terminal. When you need the keyboard, you hit that box and it shows up. Of course, the feature that needed the most work was the web based remote desktop. On that page, the touch events are handled and used to emulate the mouse remotely. The remote desktop also implement the same special handling of the on-screen keyboard.

All-in-all, it makes it all works pretty well. I would not recommend using remote desktop over 3G, it uses up a lot of data. Over WIFI it's ok, but over the summer I hope to improve the remote display performance quite a bit. The implementation is currently very basic. Click on the picture below to start the video demo.


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