Parallel Programming Talk #106 - Roni Simonian - New Threaded Debugging Tool - "Maze"

Time for another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – show #106 – our guest today is Roni Simonian, creator of a cool software tool called Maze – we’ll be talking with her a little later.

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But first the news:

  • I think the big news is that Threading Challenge 2011 starts next week – Let me tell you a little about this year’s contest: There will be two phases, onenow and one in the fall.   As with last year there will be two skill levels to choose from Apprentice and Master.Starting next Monday, 4/18 at noon – the first two problems will be released. Contestants will have two weeks to determine and submit the solution. Immediately following two more problems will be put on the Web site, with the same time limit for finding solutions. Then, two weeks later problems #3 will be released. Ok – I’ve put a URL in the show notes to find out all the nitty gritty details. But I have to tell you that we’ve pulled out the stops – the grand prizes will be a Trip to Intel Developer Forum 2011 in San Francisco for both the Apprentice and the Master winner.  Details are at /en-us/contests/intel-threading-challenge-2011/contests.php

  •  Programmers with little or no exposure to parallelism have an opportunity to learn about multicore programming at the UPCRC Illinois Summer School to be held July 25-29, 2011 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Clay – are you teaching?For more information about the summer school, visit the website at Registration is now open and will remain open until June 24, or until capacity is reached, whichever arrives first.

Guest Info

Roni Simonian has over 13 years of experience in a diverse array of projects: in parallel computing, system-level programming, electronic design automation, and computer graphics. Roni founded Ariadne LLC in July 2008 with the goal of developing Maze. She has an undergraduate degree in Physics and Applied Math from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and a Master's degree in Computer Science from SUNY Stony Brook.

We first met Roni and learned about Maze at our recent Community Meetup in Santa Clara. (Here's a video from the event in case you missed it:

The Problem Maze Solves

When debugging software it is common to find an error but be unable to recreate it for fixing. Maze helps solve this problem by making those bugs traceable.

From the Maze Web site:

"Maze is a professional software development tool for parallel programming on X86 and X86-64 Linux platforms. It allows users to overcome the major difficulty in testing and debugging multiprocess and multithread applications: the lack of reproducibility."
During the show - viewable above, Roni Simonian discussed the origin of the tool, showed how it works and announced that the Beta is currently available on the Web site for free download. She's hoping that users will make comments and thus contribute to the tool before its commercial release.

To find out more and to download a free copy of the Maze Beta go to Please test and offer your input.

Roni will present a paper about her product at Multicore Expo in San Jose in May - read more about this:

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