TweetCap - MeeGo Flavors Delight


During IDF a lot of buzz was created about a 3rd party MeeGo tablet user experience running on an Oaktrail prototype tablet.  I saw many tweets that week about a new MeeGo UI.

As noted by Nicole Scott in a post about this UI, she noted it is a different look than the Intel User Experience we saw during Mobile World Congress 

“What is interesting to note about the UI that we are seeing here is that it has lost the vertical axis where the columns looked to extend infinitely down, it does appear to still be possible but it is a significantly different from the MeeGo UX that we saw at MWC. 

Nicole asked her audience to give feedback on what they think of this look.  And it looks there is a lot of positive feedback on the alternate UI.

Regardless of which one you like I think the take away here is that MeeGo allows for multiple looks that can be customized by 3rd party device manufacturers and software vendors.  

In general, Intel and MeeGo are providing a tablet UI as a starting point for the tablet devices, and as shown at IDF, that should translates into a variety of looks from the ecosystem.  If you recall WeTab came out with their own tablet design months before the core tablet UX was released.  We also have a tablet concept UI developed by Intelloware shown here, and the Contour Concept Protype UI for MeeGo



It’s encouraging to already see various flavors of MeeGo and I’d like to think this gives us an early glimpse of what may be possible.  Customization & innovation should be encouraged, especially if they are MeeGo compliant.  Compliance ensures things will work together; for example the device UIs from MeeGo, Intel’s AppUp center, and all of its apps will be MeeGo compliant thus you can have confidence they will all play nice across any compliant device.   With that, let the innovation reign


Let us know what you are seeing, and what new flavors of MeeGo you like.


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