Media SDK 3.0 Beta

Hey Media Developers!

In case you may have missed it,  I wanted to let you know that the Intel Media SDK 3.0 beta is available for download here.    Version 3.0 of the Media SDK is designed to take advantage of Intel's next generation platforms, and this beta is providing an early opportunity to prototype your applications for next years systems.  

Here are some of the highlights of 3.0 Beta. 

Video Conferencing extensions.    
The Intel Media SDK 3.0 contains new features that are targeted for applications working with cameras.   Low latency with improved bit rate control combined with error resiliency enable the next generation of Intel Media SDK enabled applications.   

New MVC Codecs.  
The Intel Media SDK 3.0 now supports stereoscopic  3D content.  The new API makes it a snap to starting using 3D data in your application.  Existing samples have been enhanced to support a new "mvc" flag to get you up to speed quickly.   

Simplified development.    
Performance wise, its always been tricky to know if your application is using the right memory  I/O for every possible configuration.   The new SDK introduces the concept of a new memory type:  Opaque Memory.   An application can let the now let the MediaSDK choose the best memory configuration ( System or D3D memory) and know that it will run the best in every client configuration.

New Tools.
The Intel Media SDK 3.0 Beta contains a new Media SDK tracer utility.   This tool can be used to capture and log calls as they are sent to the Media SDK library.  This is an excellent resource for debugging, and internally we use it all the time.

The Intel Media SDK 3.0 Beta contains many more additions, and I encourage everyone to download and check out! 


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