Visualize this! Intel OpenCL discussion with Adam Lake

Welcome to Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development. My guest is Adam Lake - Staff Software Architect and Intel Rep to the OpenCL ARB. Adam works in the Advanced Visual Computing group at Intel.

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Community News:
1. Dynamics and Particle Effects, Part 1 is now available - this is the first part of this series.
2. We released the beta version of the Media SDK 3.0. You can check out its features and download it here
3. We continue to add new Sandy bridge related content. CHeck it out on the microsite
4. Download the OpenCL SDK here

Questions :
1. What is heterogeneous computing, and what is OpenCL?
2. What is Intel's contribution to OpenCL and who else in the industry is involved?
3. Why and when should developers use OpenCL? Which type of customers are most interested in this spec?
4. Why do you think OpenCL can be relevant for game developers?
5. What is OpenCL like to program? Is the code compiled differently?
6. What are the advantages in writing OpenCL for CPU?
7. Similarly, what is the relationship between OpenCL and DirextX or Cuda?
8. Where can developers find more information?

I am always looking for community feedback and questions. You can email them to or provide on twiter @artigupta

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