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I have been working on Android a little more this week and just for kicks, I downloaded "VNCdroid" from the marketplace. It's a VNC server for rooted Android devices. Well, I got it installed, configured it to port 5900, went on and clicked on the VNC link. The result is the screen below, full control of the Android Smart Phone from the web site, and it works behind routers and firewalls. This is great for cloud management of companion devices.

For this screen shot, I used an old HTC Hero phone that has been rooted and updated to Cyanogen. I have been using Cyanogen on my regular phone for a long time now and I really like it. My regular phone is also an HTC Hero and has long been unsupported and so having the latest OS from this site is a blessing.

To get this to work, you first need to install the Meshagent on your device, I provide both Android/ARM and Android/x86 ports. You can get them from the install button on the account page. When, install VNC on your phone and hit the VNC button on the web page.


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Hi. Yes, this would work on a tablet. Of course, you need a "rooted" Android device (phone or tablet) to install the mesh agent and VNC server. If you have an Android/x86 tablet the mesh agent will work, but I have not found an easy way to install the VNC server, probably need to compile it. On Android/ARM, it works great. No glitches.

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Nice application. Wonder how it would work on a TAB. Also does everything else works smoothly or is there any glitch that you have found?

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