Is Your PC Game TOO Market-Visible?

Ok, just wondering- does your PC game have too much visibility in the marketplace these days? Hands up, please! Ahem, ummm...anyone? [sound of crickets] I thought so. Market visibility is kind of like vacation and birthday cake - can you ever really have too much? We at the Intel Software Partner Program would like to help you further explore this question by co-promoting your game title or middleware to ISV, developer, end-user, OEM, channel, and retail audiences worldwide. That's right! In addition to offering time-saving development resources, Intel Software Partner Program provides several valuable marketing benefits. And the place to get started is with Intel GPA and the latest Intel Graphics Checker 3.0 software assessment tool.

A new Intel Graphics Checker data capture feature has been added to Intel GPA that collects special frame data into a file that can be analyzed by Intel Graphics Checker. Intel Graphics Checker then creates a game playability report that contains frames per second, CPU/GPU utilization, and other metrics to help you form a quick assessment of your game's playability on PCs with Intel processor graphics. Upload your report to the Intel Software Partner Program website and you are off to the races: we display a comparison of your playability results with Intel's suggested minimum targets, summarize your software assessment history, and point you in the right direction with next steps for increasing your product visibility.

What's the catch? You need to invest 10-15 minutes to run Intel Graphics Checker and upload your report at Company not yet a program member? Ok, add 3-4 minutes to enroll online (at no cost, of course)...

Still undecided? Register for a live, expert-hosted webinar on June 28th at to see both tools in action and answer any lingering questions on your mind. And while you're at it, have another piece of deserve it!

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