What do gamers want developers to know?

On May 14th Intel® Visual Adrenaline decided to seek out the answer to this and other questions by going straight to the source. They arose early and set out on a quest to seek out the elusive gamer in their natural habitat. Equipped with laptops, energy drinks and some tasty snacks for the road, these would-be crusaders went straight into the gamers’ lair, that’s right they went to a LAN party.
NWLANFest was holding an event on campus at Oregon State University. This relatively small 90 seat LAN was a perfect opportunity to socialize with gamers on a personal level and ask the gamers questions that developers might want to know.
To get the gamers attention Visual Adrenaline held a little contest, using four laptops sporting Intel® Core i7 Processors with HD Graphics and Intel® Solid-State Drives. Each laptop also had a copy of Left4Dead 2 installed on it and players were urged to form teams of up to four and see who could survive the longest. The prize for the team who out lasted their peers, was an Intel® Solid-State Drive for each member of the team!

Now, having won the approval of the masses these gamers were asked some questions. The goal was to help better understand some appeals of how they buy games, what they like and what they want developers to know. Some of the questions asked were:
1. What factors in to your decision when purchasing a game?
2. How important are graphics?
3. Have you ever bought a new PC just to play a game?
4. If your PC is newer are you more likely to buy games?
5. What would you like developers to know?
6. What makes for an epic game?

Check out the video created at the event to see how the gamers answered these questions here
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