Using the Intel® Concurrency Checker

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and you want to get a quick assessment on the threading concurrency of your software product, you can download a tool called the Intel® Concurrency Checker located at . The Intel® Concurrency Checker measures an application workload to determine how well the application will scale on systems based on Intel® multi-core technology. You can run this tool on both Windows* and Linux* platforms. In order to download this tool, ISVs must register with the Intel® Software Partner Program at . The tool also generates the result of assessments. Furthermore, if ISVs want to improve the threading model of their applications, they may refer to the Concurrency Improvement Center where the community offers many articles, video trainings. Read those collaborations, think back about you application, revisit the source code to find opportunities where you can improve your application’s threading model.

The figure below illustrates the result page of the Intel® Concurrency Checker.

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