Hands-on labs for Meego curriculum series: six new lab exercises contributed by university of Jyväskylä available

There are six hands-on Meego lab exercises included in this new release. Materials consist of laboratory exercises, code samples contributed by University of Jyväskylä, Finland, and are intended to provide more hands-on samples and exercises to Meego curriculum “Introduction to Software Development on Meego” to help students to learn basics of the MeeGo programming via hands-on experience. The lab titles are:

Lab #1 Introduction to MeeGo SDK on Linux
Lab #2  Usage of Qt Graphic Interface Elements Cell Library
Lab #3  MeeGo Communication Service IM-client using telepathy
Lab #4  MeeGo services Internet & Location
Lab #5  Working with graphics and internationalization
Lab #6  Application for SMS sending

The lab exercises are better used with full Meego course" Introduction to Software Development on Meego ™". The hands-on lab materials  can be downloaded from: Hands-on labs for Meego Curriculum series: Six lab exercises contributed by University of Jyväskylä 
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