Visualize this! How Graphics Checker 3.0 & Intel GPA help game developers

Welcome to Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development. My guest today is Dave Valdovinos. Dave is a Scale Product Manager at Intel.

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Community News:
1. Check out the benefits of the Intel Software Partner Program
2. Register for the Graphics Checker Webinar!
3. New Whitepaper : New Intel Center Driving the Future of Visual Computing
4. New whitepaper : CPU Onloading
5. Check out tools, resources for game development and what we are doing with our developer days!

Questions :

1. Tell us about your role at Intel
2. What is the Partner Program and what is Intel trying to do with the SAT tools
3. How do Graphics Checker 3.0 & Intel GPA work together to help game developers?
4. What added benefit do developers/ISVs get by uploading their game playability report to ISPP?
5. Where can developers go to find more information?

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