Intel® Power Checker

The Intel® Power Checker provides a quick assessment about power-related parameters of an application when it is idle and when it processes a workload. The tool is also detects whether the application is power aware.

Currently, the Intel® Power Checker runs only on a laptop/netbooks using Intel processors. Users can see the results immediately after the assessment is done. Also, a Tool Report File (TRF) is generated after the assessment. If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and you want to get a quick power assessment of your application, you can download a tool called Intel® Power Checker at .

The View Results screen provides the following information about the software assessment: processor information, battery information, average battery discharge rate, average C3 state residency, and power awareness measurement. The figure below illustrates the View Results screen of the Intel® Power Checker.

This tool runs on Windows* system.

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Have you thought about using this as a way to detect trojan horses, app hacks or other attempts to hijack a computer. Unexpected activity in certain applications could signal this.

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