What we’ve been doing to make performance analysis easier on Intel® Microarchitecture Codename Sandy Bridge

New Intel® Microarchitecture Codename Sandy Bridge support and tuning guide!
We’ve been listening to your feedback on software tuning. Specifically, we’ve been working to make it even easier for developers to analyze software performance on Intel® Microarchitecture Codename Sandy Bridge.

So now I’m really excited to tell you about the new Sandy Bridge: General Exploration view, available beginning with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE Update 2. This enhanced data display improves usability in several ways:

Improvement 1: Pre-Coded Metrics
Instead of using raw data to calculate metrics like cache miss impact yourself, the General Exploration view shows the data already composed into useful metrics.

Improvement 2: Issue Highlighting
For each of the Sandy Bridge metrics, our experts at Intel have determined a threshold value for “normal” apps. Values above will be highlighted in pink in the General Exploration view and should be investigated if they correspond to a hot function.

Improvement 3: More Documentation
To find out what any of the metrics mean, you can hover over them for complete information, including the formula used. We have also produced a tuning guide for Sandy Bridge that talks about the interface, gives a recommended tuning methodology, and goes through common issues one by one.

To try out all these new features, download VTune Amplifier XE to your Sandy Bridge platform and run the Sandy Bridge General Exploration Analysis type. Then let us know your feedback!

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