The countdown to Intel AppUp Elements 2011 begins!

With only 90 days until Intel AppUp Elements 2011, it’s hard to go back in time and wrack my brain around the event in San Fransciso last year. :) The first few strong images in my mind comprise of attendees running between so many sessions, trying to figure out which one to participate in, retro gaming, the 27 hour hackathon, Wil Wheaton and fantastic conversations.

Our key themes last year focused on monetization, fragmentation and app visibility. If you did not join us, AppUp Elements last year kicked off with a keynote by Renee James who spoke about Intel's vision of the Compute Continuum, developers creating seamless experiences across a continuum of devices and the vision for Intel AppUp as the framework to deploy apps across these devices. Peter Biddle kicked off the Elements party with a fireside chat along with John Middleton, Don Harbert, Scott Apeland. You’ll find the recording here. (Video courtesy of The sessions and content were great and you’ll find most of the presentations posted here. Bob Duffy posted a fantastic round up after AppUp Elements here. Also check out these detailed reviews on Read Write Hack here and here

This year, Intel AppUp Elements is going to Seattle. Join us on Sept 28th and 29th. We are busy pulling together three tracks of interesting panel discussions & informative sessions focusing on the latest and greatest from Intel AppUp, deep dive expert–led sessions on hot development topics and discussions on all the mechanics of converting code to cash.

Registration for Intel AppUp Elements 2011 is open. Register here.

Follow us on twitter @Develop4appup for the latest on Intel AppUp Elements OR watch this space for more. We’ll see you in Seattle this September!

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