New to Parallel Programming?

Intel® Software Network (ISN) offers many good collaterals on parallel programming. If you are new to parallel programming or you just simply want to thread your application, it is worth to search the white papers on parallel programming in ISN at . Below is a list of current collaterals on basic parallel programming. This list is not complete obviously, but it can help you to start reading on this subject

  • The Serial On-Ramp to the Multicore Highway (
  • The Three Stages of Preparation for Optimizing Parallel Software (
  • 8 Simple Rules for Designing Threaded Applications (
  • Introduction to Parallel Programming Part 1: Why Parallel? Why Now? (
  • Introduction to Parallel Programming Part 2: Parallel Decomposition Methods (

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Kathy F. (Intel)'s picture

Loc, thanks so much for reminding folks of the wealth of info available on the Community for parallel programmers at all skill levels. Readers might also take advantage of the Intel Concurrency Checker: This tool will tell the level of your app's concurrency.

We also have the Concurrency Improvement Center: a Community page containing links to the papers and courseware you refer to as well as a number of additional resources. On that page there is also a link to a special forum where you can comment, ask questions or offer info on your own experiences with the quest for concurrency! (

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