- More features

It's a long holiday weekend in the US, but I can still find a little time to make improvements to Meshcentral. A few days back, I released a new version of the Meshcentral Connector tool what allows users to change the mesh password. Before this, is was not possible to change it after a mesh was created.

Within the web site itself, I added the list of users that have access to a mesh within the mesh page (Pictured below). This is useful to know who has access to the computers on that mesh. To add and remove user access, you currently have to use the Meshcentral Connector tool. I may add the capability to do it online in the future.

Another change that will be interesting to some people. I have noticed that some networks have outgoing blocks for traffic that is not on HTTP port 80 or HTTPS port 443. In Meshcentral, I use port HTTPS 8084 to perform interactive AJAX calls. On networks with blocks, it will not work. So, I did some work and got all AJAX calls to work on port 443. This was released today. Mesh agents still need access to port 8080 and so, for blocking networks this is still a problem. Web pages affected by this change are Remote Desktop, Terminal & File Management. In addition to the mobile version of the file management page.

Lastly, I have been working on the API for communicating between mesh nodes. This messaging API is much like an instant messaging API but for applications. Instead of using normal IP routing to get a message to it's destination, the message "hops" from node-to-node each time getting closer to it's destination. Interesting for ad-hoc applications.

That's it for now.

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