Antediluvian Holes and Pegs o' my Heart

Have you ever been confronted and confused by too many choices? Seven Deadly Sins? Thirty-one flavors? 5000 fingers of Dr. T? 10,000 Maniacs? Sometimes it is enough to make you throw up your hands in surrender and not do anything.

Now, there is help for the parallel programmer that feels she has too many options to do the exact same thing. A new article has been posted, "Square Pegs and Round Holes - Choosing the Right Intel® Software Development Tools," that summarizes the spectrum of programming and software tool that are available from Intel. If you have an idea about what kind of computation you need to parallelize, this article can give you some insight as to the features and usage models for the wide variety of programming options and software tool functions. Once you've been able to home in on one or two that seem to support the kind of processing your application will be doing, you can do a more focused search to delve deeper into those methods and tools.

The table at the end of the article also tells you what platforms are supported by each. You can quickly tell if your execution targets are supported without spending time wading through online product pages or skimming through the whole reference manual before you find out the tool you're researching is not yet supported there.

Of course, with many things, especially ice cream, you can always default to  the standard vanilla option. (There's nothing wrong with that; in fact, vanilla is one of my favorite flavors.) However, sometimes Rocky Road is a better solution. If you don't know about it or are unfamiliar with even the basics of any other "flavors," you can miss an opportunity to make your parallel development tasks easier. And then you may be trying to drive your square pegs into those round holes.
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