Efficient Scaling in a Tasked based Game engine

I'll be kicking off Intel's tech session at GDC Europe next week with Efficient Scaling in a tasked based Game Engine. Follow the link for the offical details including the time and place.

So the question is why do another threading talk after 2010 and Jerome's UFO Invasion: DX11 and multicore to the rescue, this years talk adds some new ideas to the concept of creating a tasked based engine inclucing creating dependacy graphs to allow more flexibility in how you control your task groups and how to implment lock free memory access patterns in a task based engine. The work is derived from the principles used in the latest Intel sample code including the recently released CPU based MLAA implementation. The accompanying sample can be downloaded from here

Im looking forward to visiting Cologne again and I hope to see a good crowd next Monday at my talk. You can check out details of Intel other talks at our GDC Europe website here.
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