Game Developers Conference Europe 2011: Intel session about game optimizations using Intel GPA

As you learned in my yesterday's blog post Intel will sponsor the Game Developers Conference Europe which will start next week in Cologne, Germany. Thousands of developers, IT professionals, game designer and other people who are involved in this huge gaming industry which is worth several billion dollars will be there . So - no surprise that Intel will contribute to this biggest gaming developer event in Europe.

After blogging about Leigh Davies' and Levent Akyil's presentation on Monday and Tuesday at GDCE 2011, today I will talk about the third Intel tech session, which will be held on Tuesday either. Precisely spoken Philipp Gerasimov will begin his session at 5:40 pm, on 4th level at Südliches Sitzungszimmer.

The name of his presentation is "MAXIS-mizing Darkspore performance with Intel GPA & GPA 4.1 Introduction". During his session Philipp will show how Maxis' software engineers of the action title Darkspore could optimize the game for notebooks by using Intel GPA.

Philipp's Darkspore session includes two parts: First he will grant an in-depth look of how Maxis used Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 4.0 to optimize Darkspore for the greatest possible user base, including Sandy Bridge Intel Core processors with 2nd generation HD Graphics. All developers need to identify and solve graphics bottlenecks. And second Philipp will introduce the features recently introduced in version 4.1 of Intel GPA including improved Platform Analyzer and HUD.

Whether you're a veteran GPA user or you've never used it, you should attend this session understanding just how easy it is to profile your own game’s performance using GPA’s new in-game HUD, the deep analysis Frame Analyzer tool and multi-core tasking analysis with Platform Analyzer.

Well, still not convinced? Then wait for tomorrow's blog post where I will talk about the hot software demos Intel will show at GDCE 2011. Finally stop by and have a look at all the cool stuff which these guys will show next week in Cologne, Germany.
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