Game Developers Conference Europe 2011: these tech demos you will see at Intel booth 150

As you can read in my Wednesday's and Thursday's blog post Intel will sponsor the biggest European game developers conference - GDCE 2011 - which will start on Monday morning, in Cologne, Germany. As a part of this sponsporing package Intel will have three speaker slots (which I talked about already) and a demo booth within the exibition area, located at stand number 150. As I promised yesterday you will get some informatiion beforehand what Intel will show there and what you can expect from these demos. Ok, let's go!

As Philipp Gerasimov will talk about Intel's profiling and analysis tool for game developers, Intel Graphics Performance Analysers, it is a given that this helpful test suite will be demonstrated during GDCE 2011 at Intel booth no. 150. So you should stop by, say hello and have a closer look at all these nice features Intel GPA is offering. And you will see the current release 4.1 which isquite new. Get convinced by the compelling features like the improved Platform Analyser and HUD. With Intel GPA you can make the most of your gaming titles especially when you want to optimize them for embedded graphics solutions like Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000.

Next to Intel GPA you will see the famous Intel Parallel Studio in action, presented by one of Intel's software specialists who will demonstrate the power and features of this tool suite which can help software developers optimize their applications in order to make them run better on multicore systems by finding critical hotspots in their source code. Naming often used loops and other algorithms which are really time consuming. But Intel's Parallel Studio will also find critical dead locks and other traps software developers will tap in when parallelizing their apps.

Another interesting demo section will be covered by the guys from Havok which were at last year's GDCE already and who drew a lot of attention to their cloth and other tech demos. And so they will demonstrate their newest and coolest stuff they are working on. So come and see what Havok is doing for software developers with their tools like Animation, Behaviour, Script, Destruction and more. BTW: Did you know, that Havok's technologies are implemented in a lot of gaming titles like Alone in the Dark, Assassin's Creed, Dead Rising 2 and many more?

This is another good reason to visit Intel booth 150 at Game Developes Conference Europe 2011, isn't it? So, what are you waiting for? And if you take part in the raffle Intel is conducting on Monday and Tuesday at GDCE you might be the lucky guy who will take a brand-new Lenovo notebook  home. So, finally, you're convinced, right?!
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