GDC 2011: create your own gaming title and get the chance earn money with it

It's day one here at Game Developers Conference Europe 2011 in Cologne, Germany. As you know I do some live blogging on the various topics and also create some interesting video interviews . But before my first blog post goes online I have to announce something really cool which should interest all game developers.

For the fifth time in a row Intel announces its LevelUp 2011 Game Demo Contest. This big contest is a big chance to all game developers out there who haven't had the opportunity so far to get their gaming ideas realized and promoted.

So, what's the deal on this LevelUp contest?What you need is a good idea for a brand-new gaming title and you have to code a piece of demo that will show how your game will look like and work when it's finished. Your game has to fit into one of the following gaming categories:

-          Game genre (shooter, adventure, puzzle, casual games etc) and

-          Skills (art design, character design, use of game physics, etc.)

To enter this great gaming contest it will help if your gaming demo will run on Intel architecture properly. This means that you should look for dedicated features like AVX and other things that enable your game running faster and better on Intel CPU's.

The contest itself will be open sometime in September and will run until December 30, 2011. For more information please watch this space as I will provide you with more details regarding Intel LeveUp 2011 Game Demo Contest. Good luck!

And now I will return to live blogging and first video interviews here from GDC 2011.
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So this one will be different from the previous Level Ups? The previous ones had a preliminary trial for the concept only – to determine the Finalists List – and THEN the finalists will be asked for the Abstract and a playable Demo – to determine the Winners List.

As you phrased it – “What you need is a good idea for a brand-new GAMING TITLE AND YOU HAVE TO CODE A PIECE OF DEMO that will show how your game will look like and work when it's finished.” – it sounds like from the very beginning the contestants have to send the gaming title AND the code.