GDC 2011: Andrew Bowell talks about Havok's rendering technoglogies

Here at Game Developers Conference Europe 2011 in Cologne, Germany, well-known software company Havok from Dublin, Ireland, is this years software partner at the Intel booth in the exhibition area. These smart guys show their latest and coolest stuff regarding different rendering and texturing techniques which are being implemented in a lot of current gaming titles like Halo:Reach.

One of their representatives is Andrew Bowell who is manning the demo  and knows a lot about Havok's products as he is Head of Product Management. So we set-up our camera, turned it on, switched on the mic and chatted with him about Havok as a company, their rendering and texturing solutions, the meaning of GDC for Havok and about their partnership with Intel.

So, click, watch and listen!

Click the picture to start the video interview with Andrew Bowell from Havok
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