GDC 2011: Levent Akyil video chats about Sandy Bridge, AVX and Intel VTune Amplifier 2011 XE

Do you remember?! Levent Akyil held his tech session live at Game Developers Conference 2011 this morning and talked about the architectural improvements of Sandy Bridge, why developers should look closer at AVX and which hotspots and traps you as a developer can tap in when parallelizing new or existing code - whether you are programming games, audio tools, etc.

Right after his session I had the chance to have a chat with Levent about his lecture and I wanted to know more about the following topics:

  • What do software developers need to know about Sandy Bridge and its requirements?

  • What's the idea behind AVX?

  • Why should software developers use Intel VTune Amplifier 2011 XE?

Ok, click the picture, start the show and listen to his replies!

Click the image to start the video interview with Levent Akyil from Intel
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