GDC 2011: How Havok's tools work and what you can do with them

As you might remember we have interviewed Havok's Head of Product Management, Andrew Bowell who told us a lot about Havok as a company, about GDC Europe, about their partnership with Intel and many things more. A few hours later I had the chance to have a video chat with Steve Ewart who is Sales Engineer at Havok and who knows a lot about all the tools and features regarding their compelling rendering and texturing solutions.

Off we went with our camera, put it in front of one of their demo computers and let Steve show us the nice things you can do with Havok's tools and technologies like Cloth, Distruction and other funny things. Come and learn all about animation and simulation, rendering and texturing. Have fun with this very interesting 6:30 min video clip!

BTW: If you want to know more about Havok's tools just visit this very informative web page.

Video interview with Steve Ewart about Havok's tools and technologies
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