GDC 2011: Philipp Gerasimov from Intel talks about Intel GPA

During Game Developers Conference Europe 2011 Intel's Senior Application Engineer Philipp Gerasimov had his tech session where he talked about the gaming title Darkspore and how the developer's team from Maxis was able to optimize their game running best on laptops. They achieved this by using Intel's profiling and analyzing tool called Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers which is currently available with release number 4.1.

Exactly about this tool suite Philipp talked in front of the camera where he gave some insights into this analyzing application. You can learn whether you need this tool suite, which new features Intel has implemented into Intel GPA 4.1 and how it can be compared to Intel GPA 4.0. And the best of it: Philipp will reveal how you can get this helpful graphics analyzer tool for an appealing price!

So please come and watch our short questions and Philipp's interesting answers...

Philipp Gerasimov talks about Intel Graphics Analyzers
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