AppUp powered store, pre-installed on ASUS - Video

The Intel AppUp® developer program slogan is, "multiple devices, multiple OS', multiple app stores; one program". Along those lines we've been working to get AppUp as a framework for retailers, service providers and device manufacturers. Currently there around 20 AppUp powered stores and AppUp supports Windows and MeeGo devices. However, we, along with our developers, have been anxiously waiting for AppUp to be preinstalled and shipping on a device from an OEM. Today we see that is the case in this unboxing video from Johannes of NewGadgetsDE. The video takes you thru this sleek new netbook, and looks at the MeeGo OS that's been customized by ASUS. At around minute 6:44 you can see the ASUS app store, and as it launches its is unmistakably AppUp.

So if you're wanting to develop an app for MeeGo but are waiting until AppUp ships on a device in market, looks like we're ready for ya :-)

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