- Mesh-wide File Search

A few minutes ago, I just released a very much experimental new file search feature on Users will see a new search button on the top right for each mesh in the device page. When clicked, you can use the new form to search for a file in all the computers on that mesh. In one click, all of the computers will be queried all at once and results will be shown on the web page as they arrive.

Now, this feature is really early. There is data corruption, the computer names are not displayed and the download links don't work. Also, only the Microsoft Windows mesh agent version 1.44 supports this new feature, so if you have an older version, you have to wait a day or two to get the new agent. But I think it's a really neat idea. It's going to be practical for me to be able, from work, to search all my devices at home.

Speaking of new agent, last night at 1:12am pacific time, a timer in the mesh agent rolled over (it does so every 49 days) and caused some agents to get disconnected. If it happened to you, restarting the mesh agent or rebooting the computer will make it work again. The new v1.44 agent new uses 64bit timer value so, this problem should no longer occur.


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