AppUp Encapsulator broadens services with Javascript API for local storage and full screen apps

The Intel AppUp Encapsulator service has been a pretty cool thing for the Intel AppUpSM developer program.  For those unfamiliar with it, it take HTML files and packages them with our SDK.  This auto integrates our digital rights management service, and creates an installable executable to run on either Windows or MeeGo. And it does this by making HTML apps work as a proper app running outside of the browser.  The advantage for developers is it allows them to focus on building a cross platform app via Flash & HTML5 without having to do a lot of customization or code tweaking for a specific platform. And for web developers it opens up the app ecosystem to them, allowing them to distribute a single installable binary to a store.

One of the gaps however has been the lack of an API.  An API allows developers to make the app more functional or more effective for a given platform or device while running outside of the browser.  We've felt it could enable many native app capabilities for webapp developers via a javascript API, allowing the app to talk to various services as well as the device.

New APIs for HTML5 apps

As of this week it looks like the first set of API's are here. The first is a full screen API that allows you to add code in your app to set it full screen full screen without running within a Window.  For many apps, especially games this is the desired experience. With this feature the app looks like it's made for the device and running full screen,and is a great way to create an engaging app experience.

The next is a local storage API.  This new API now allows a developer to leverage local storage on the device. With this API, local storage data can be stored on the disk and persists across application restarts.   A common use case is a game that stores a local high score file, or last checkpoint or level completed.  Another common use is a media player that needs to restore the time code of the last point played when restarting.  

More to come

These are the first 2 set of APIs for Encapsulator, and over time we will be extending the capabilities. You can imagine that all the AppUp APIs like InApp Upgrades will be made accessible to HTML5 apps via javascript.  Additionally our AIR to MSI packaging services will soon be part of the Encapsulator tool later in September. So, more goodness to come from Encapsulator


API Reference Articles

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