Tim Mattson - "Do you understand design patterns? Do you use them in your courses? You should."

Dr. Timothy Mattson
, Principal Engineer, Intel Corporaton

How familiar are you with design patterns? Are you using patterns in releavant courses? If you cannot answer both questions in the affirmative you're not where you should be, according to Tim Mattson, Principal Engineer at Intel Research.
Tim avers that basing computer science education on patterns is simply the right way to teach; by using patterns , you codify complex topics & pathways to expertise. On this episode of Teach Parallel, Tim discusses his work developing the Berkeley Motifs at the ParLabs. Tim points out that his work is not merely of academic interest but can be used now, indeed, should be used now for teaching your courses. We talk of Tim's two books on the topic - Introduction to Concurrency in Programming Languages & Patterns for Parallel Programming. Tim mentions changes coming to a new edition of his Patterns book to align his original work with the new work he is doing with the Berkeley team and also gives guidance on how you can use his Intro to Concurrency book now as a text book.

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